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Diving & surfing & sea fishing  

& beach volleyball

You will find perfect waves for both beginners and advanced surfers right in front of the hotel. You can rent surfboards of different sizes directly at the hotel, so don’t hesitate and try your first wave ride. You don't Because of sandy beach you don’t have to worry about your knees. Lovers of underwater life will not miss a visit to some of  fantastic diving sites with lots of fish, corals or a trip to wrecks. In our pool you can comfortably develop your diving skills with our instructor. Sea fishing is interesting for all hunters. You will take a boat to the open ocean and then it depends only on your good luck day what you catch for dinner.

Yoga & Ayurveda

Did you know that ayu means "life" and veda means "science"? So Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayuveda is one of the oldest doctrines about health, diet, life, the balance of the elements of our physical body, mind and spirit. Treat yourself and try the healing cure tailored for you.

Enjoy the present moment as much as the natives live. Sri Lanka has been dedicated to these treatments, herbs (ayurvedics), natural medicines and oils since ancient times and draws on thousands  years of experience.

Cooking course

Pro ty z vás, kteří se chtějí naučit vařit asijské speciality, jsme připravili kurzy vaření. Po návratu domů si tak můžete chuť Sri Lanky připomenout kdykoli budete chtít..


There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying a relaxing Ayurvedic massage right on the beach. Our experienced masseurs will take you to heaven.


Sri Lanka offers countless charming places to visit. It is up to you which of the trips you will choose. We will be helpful to recommend, plan and arrange from 1-day to 5-day trips. The great attraction is watching whales and dolphins, wild elephants, riding elephants, visiting turtle rescue stations and a number of ancient monuments and interesting pilgrimage sites and waterfalls. The assistance of a Czech-speaking organizer is possible.

Experience dinner

What would it be like to have a look at how Sri Lanka really lives? How do ordinary families live? What do they cook for dinner? What are their children called and if they go to school? Are you curious as we are? Come with us to a charity dinner to families who need a little help to buy school supplies for children, repair the roof or just eat better. You will experience the true atmosphere of Sri Lanka! You will eat well and contribute a few rupees to a very good thing.

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