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Infinity of Sri Lanka Hotel
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Infinity Sri Lanka hotel is our dream which came true. We loved Sri Lanka so much that we decided to build a smaller hotel here and offer our guests the best of this magical country such as accommodation, excursions, treatment programs or food. The hotel is situated right on the shore of the Indian Ocean away from busy tourist centers. We love local people, animals, food, diving, surfing, sights and most importantly the authenticity and wildness of Sri Lanka.

As everywhere in the world, there are people, animals and nature that need help from time to time. That is why we decided to support local children, families with financial difficulties and injured animals.

We usually celebrate our birthday with children from orphanages, the biggest gift for us is their company and a sincere smile. At each dive, we clean our beaches from the bottom. We know that whatever we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if you feel like joining us, we will create more drops and contribute together to change. What you take from here will remain in your hearts all your life.


You always meet one of us here. We look forward to seeing you soon,  but be careful, this country is addictive.

Vanda and Aneta

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