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sri lanka

We hold the SAFE AND SECURE certificate - LEVEL 1. The current situation in Sri Lanka is calm and allows travelers to enjoy its sights and nature almost without tourists. A visa is enough to enter Sri Lanka. When planning your vacation, please contact us, we will guide you through the entire process (online visa/tickets/online arrival card/transportation with a certified driver, etc.).

Sri Lanka is sometimes called the tear of India. For us, it is a tear of laughter. This pearl of the Indian Ocean is a little smaller in size than the Czech Republic, but with more than double  population. It consists  of Sinhalese (74%), peaceful Buddhists, smiling and very helpful people. The rest of the population is hardworking Tamil and you will also find a smaller number of Muslims and Malays. The original name of Ceylon was changed in 1972. Colombo faces as the capital, but officially the capital is Sri Jayavardanapura Kotte. The time shift in our summer time is 3.5 hours and in winter 4.5. It is possible to go to Sri Lanka during  the whole year. Between May and October there are fewer tourists and prices are lower. Tropically warm weather is all year round. The rainy season occurs in the southern and southwestern part  from May to August. In the northern and eastern parts of the island it usually rains from October to January. The mild climate can be found in areas of higher altitude.

We think Sri Lanka is the country with the highest number of holidays :) There is not one month without a festival or a holiday. So there is a high probability that you will experience a holiday on your holiday, there is still something to celebrate! If you want to please local children, it is good to bring candies and small gifts for them which will make them great joy. It is common to leave tips and in restaurants and hotels you will see a 10% increase on the bill, the so-called service charge.

Visa, tickets and passport

To enter Sri Lanka, a visa is required, which we would be happy to arrange for you, or you can get it yourself at  Many companies fly to Sri Lanka in different price categories. We have very good experience with Emirates and Qatar. The total flight time is around 13 hours. When booking tickets, pay attention to the transfer time so that you don't wait too long. If necessary, we can help you with your tickets. The minimum validity of the passport is 180 days before departure from the country..  

How to talk here

The official languages ​​are Sinhala and Tamil. Languages ​​are not similar. You can speak English very well, sometimes Russian and German, in our hotel Czech. A few Sinhalese words that may come in handy: I'm hungry - mata badagini, What's your name? - Ojage name mokade? Hello - Ajubowan, How are you? - Cohaded? Well - hondaj. I am happy - Statutui :) Thank you - Istuti

What can you look forward to

You can see many beautiful places, charming beaches, tea plantations, wild animals, ancient monuments and Buddhist temples on this island. You can plan your trips only after your arrival at the hotel, where we will recommend the most interesting places and if you are interested, we will organize the trip for you.

Ayurveda and therapeutic stays are very popular and traditional here. Everybody can choose from sports - you can dive, snorkel, surf, do yoga. Sri Lanka offers plenty of experiences and extraordinary adventures for every age group.


We advise our clients to have  American dollars / euros in larger banknotes. You can exchange them at our hotel, airport or larger villages easily. You can also withdraw cash conveniently from ATMs. It is possible to pay by card without any problems in most restaurants and larger shops. The currency here  is Sri Lankan rupee.


People eat rice and curry in all possible ways here. It  is very spicy, but tasty. Fresh fish and various kinds of  meat on the grill will satisfy every gourmet. Exotic fruit is part of the daily diet. The food is mostly light, healthy and delicious.

A few more tips

You can bargain at markets, souvenir shops, clothing stores  or when arranging  transport prices, it will certainly pay off ☺ The most common means of transport on the island is tuk-tuk, but you can also use a scooter, car, bus and train. For longer trips we find a minibus the most comfortable. You can also borrow the means of transport. Just remember that they drive on the left side of the street here. We still have troubles with that :)

Vaccination in Sri Lanka is not mandatory, it is recommended to vaccinate hepatitis A, B and typhoid fever. Malaria has been absent for decades. In the northern part of the island you can meet with denge fever.

You often ask about clothes. Pack your swimwear, summer scarves, shorts, t-shirts/tops, and flip flops. If you plan to go to the mountains, so add in your suitcase one windbreaker, a sweatshirt and sneakers. Shoulders and knees should be covered when visiting temples. Please, respect that. Sun creams and medicines are commonly available in supermarkets and pharmacies. After you  arrive, you can purchase a sim card with the Internet, so you will not be dependent only on wi-fi access. Generally, it is cheaper than in European countries, only alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are much more expensive. The current situation in Sri Lanka is calm and safe, so do not worry and plan your journey to the peaceful paradise.

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